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Portfolio Critique

Blue Cat Design is a Canadian web design firm whose site includes a portfolio page. The portfolio is one very long scrollable page that loaded quickly with my 56K modum. Thumbnails of their client's sites are shown on the left side of the page with a few paragraphs about the company and the site on the right.

Planet Therapy screenshot
Sample Page from
Blue Cat Design

It is very easy to see the kind of work they do without having to jump from link to link. Blue Cat works for a broad range of industries and the web site gives the impression that they are professional and business-like. The only criticisms I have is that they seem to rely on the same tired layout for many of the pages — a left-hand column navigation frame with the content on the right. (Of course, so do I.) I also think the background design of blue cats is a little distracting. Otherwise the page gets the job done.

Blue Cat logo Blue Cat Design Logo