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Shopping for a Server
Shopping for Server Software

Shopping for Server Software

Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0
Microsoft Internet Information Server

Windows 95 User Interface
The Microsoft Windows 95 operating system user interface has been integrated into Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 operating system.

Administrative Wizards
Administrative wizards group the common server management tools into a single place and walks you through the steps for each task. Windows NT Server 4.0 includes wizards for things like adding user accounts, licensing, file and folder access, and so on.

Network Monitor
Powerful network diagnostic tool allows examining network traffic to and from the server at the packet-level. Allows capturing network of traffic for later analysis--making troubleshooting network problems easier.

Internet Information Server
Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) is the only World Wide Web server that is tightly integrated with the Microsoft Windows NT server operating system and is designed to deliver a wide range of Internet and intranet server capabilities.

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