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Steve Kurg's Don't Make Me Think
The design of this web site is based on ideas from this book. The book has chapters on how people really use the Web, navigition, simplifying page design, and usability testing.
Steve Krug's five most important things you can do to help web site visitors navigate your site.

Clear Visual Hierachy
Important stuff is bigger.
Related things are grouped together.
Visually "nest" things to show what's part of what.

Take Advantage of Conventions
Shopping cart images and blue underlined links are understandable to most users.
If you want to do something fresh and original, make sure it is self-explanatory.

Break pages into Clearly Defined Areas
Areas devoted to navigation, sales or news enable the user to quickly focus on what's important, and ignore the rest.

Make It Obvious What's Clickable
Un-obvious links are easy to miss. The viewer could always move the mouse around to look for the pointing hand, but why make them think so much?

Minimize Noise
Every extra color, graphic, and line of text competes for the viewer's attention, and doesn't allow them to quickly focus on what's important.